Information about Building Architecture

The architect is the person who designs and manages all kinds of buildings according to the needs and possibilities of the users. Architecture is the art of designing the structures in which people live their lives by considering the aesthetics and usability principles. To achieve this purpose the architect;

• examines whether the building to be built is suitable for the city development plan,
• Works in line with the industry, organization, statutes, and procedures necessary to translate planning concepts into buildings and drawings into the whole plan.
• learn the requests, opinions and financial possibilities of the people who use it,
• Prepare summary information using research methods for a project design,
• Structural design related to building design, solve construction related and engineering problems,
• Draw the building plan,
• Prepare models showing how they will take shape when they are done,
• Establishes and supervises the construction, mechanical and electrical engineers of static, plumbing and electrical works of the building to be built,
• Detailed plan to be used at the construction site,
• Checks whether the building is built according to the plan,
• Makes plans for change or repair at the premises.

Specifications required by the CAREER

Those who want to be an architect;
• Be able to see figure and space relations,
• Having the ability to use hand and eye coordination,
• About visual arts,
• Creative, aesthetic,
• If you can affect others,
• Innovations and criticism open,
• Careful and meticulous,
• Cost items and building legislation are designed to meet the needs of the users of the building,
• Having knowledge of fine arts in terms of influencing the quality of architectural design,
• To have sufficient knowledge about the physical problems, technologies and functions of the buildings in order to protect the inside of the buildings against climate conditions and to provide comfort,
• They must be capable of understanding the architectural profession, the role of architects in society, and the ability to prepare summary information that takes into account social factors.

Place, Period and Content of Vocational Training

The education of the profession is given in the Engineering departments of the Universities, the Faculty of Engineering – Architecture and the Architectural Departments of the Faculty of Architecture. The training period is at least 4 years.
In the first year of training, basic architecture courses such as general mathematics, building physics, introduction to architectural drawing are given. In the following years, more basic and more comprehensive architectural knowledge based on plan drawing is taught.
During the course of architecture education, lectures are given to the department students about the history and theories of architecture, the arts related to architecture, technological and human sciences and to have sufficient knowledge and skills about urban planning and planning process.
Those who successfully complete the education are awarded the “Architect” Degree Diploma and the title “Architect”.

Job Advancement

After his undergraduate education, he can make an academic career by making a master’s degree and doctorate, and also he is a research assistant at universities. associate professors, professors and professors.
During master and doctoral education, they can specialize in speech, building physics, architectural design, architecture in computer environment, use of any material in constructions, restorations or structures.
Progression and promotion in the profession are more experienced. Entering a degree in various project competitions, winning a prize is very important in terms of career advancement and promotion.
In municipalities and investor ministries it is possible to rise to managerial positions,
In addition, it is observed that some members of the profession specialize in various types of buildings.