Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture

Information about Landscape Architecture Functional, functional, ecologicaland aesthetic measures that canbest meet the needs of nature and the environment planning, organizing, preserving and developing them appropriately. Landscape architects;

  • The gathering works on the arrangement of outdoor green fields, children’s play areas, sports fields,
  • It does the necessary work to remove environmental problems (environmental pollution, erosion etc.)
  • It evaluates the appropriateness of land use to the environment.

    Specifications required by the CAREER

Those who want to be a landscape architect;

  • The ability to see shape and space relations,
  • Having an aesthetic view,
  • Creative,
  • Work organization,
  • Providing environmental protection measures,
  • Implementing activities related to occupational health and safety,
  • Working in accordance with the Quality Management System rules,
  • In the professional development activities,
  • Having the ability to approach the events in a wide angle and adapt to the changes,
  • Environmental art, sensitive to cultural events, loving nature, must be a good observer kimseler.

    Landscape architecture works in the office and open space. The working environment in the open are in the summer, and the work in the closed area is also in the winter. The working environment may be dusty, fertilizer smelling in open areas. The landscape architect is in communication with investment project specialist, city planner, agriculture and forestry engineers, workers, managers and other personnel while working.

Place, Period and Content of Vocational Education

The duration of education in the field of landscape architecture is 4 years. Vocational courses are mainly given during the training period. Two and a half months internship is applied in the 3rd and 4th grades in the landscape architecture section.

Graduates of “Landscape Architecture” are awarded to those who have successfully completed their education.

The number of graduates suitable for graduates of the landscape architecture department in public institutions is limited. However, the municipalities do not have parks, they tend to emphasize environmental planning, and environmental regulations are a necessity to make plans in parallel with the increase of mass houses from day to day, and accordingly demand for landscape architects is increasing. Those who build their own special efforts and landscaping agencies are able to provide jobs to them.

They have a wide range of job opportunities such as landscaping (green spaces, parks and gardens, ornamental plants …). Ornamental plants can grow, produce and sell. The growing part of the work of landscape architecture is concerned with natural areas. In addition, urban and rural work can be difficult conditions in season.

If the person completing the training in this field places in a job suitable for his / her profession, he / she can charge 3-4 times the net minimum wage in private institutions and 2-3 times in public institutions. If you open an office on your behalf, your profits will change according to your ability and ability to do business.

Job Advancement

After their undergraduate degree, they can have a master’s degree, a doctorate, a research assistant, and an academic career.

In the private sector such as expertise, chief, director in the public sector, they can progress in their profession by working as project manager and expert landscape architect.